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About Me

Brisbane, Australia is my home but I am always seeking the next adventure.

My jewellery embodies this wanderlust using mixed media. I play with wood, acrylic, resin and even paper in my art. My creativity wanders to strange and wonderful places as I get lost in memories of adventures past.

Have you ever sat and stared at objects that can't be comprehended because the mind is miles away? The mind left you behind in your home while it strolls down ancient streets and lives in the light and greenery of another land.

I aim to re-create that feeling in all who wear my art. I fully believe that to seek adventure is to heal ones soul. 

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“This is a great moment, when you see, however distant, the goal of your wandering. The thing which has been living in your imagination suddenly become part of the tangible world. It matters not how many ranges, rivers or parching dusty ways may lie between you; it is yours now for ever.” - Freya Stark