Lost Kiwi for Birds

As a very small business I have chosen a very small cause that is close to my heart.

Here at Lost Kiwi Designs we hold deep respect for all animals and find it unforgiveable to allow innocent creatures to go extinct from our interference.

As the little guy ourselves we chose a little guy to root for, the Mohua.

The Mohua is a very rare yellow bird in the South Island of New Zealand. The species relies on community to thrive, so as the numbers dwindled due to loss of habitat, they dwindled fast. These birds get lonely and the team at the Mohua Charitable trust have been there for them every step of the way back from extinction.

My sister in New Zealand works for this charity and told me of the back breaking work they do hiking mountains for days with little signs of the precious yellow birds. To see more about them follow this link:

 Mohua Charitable Trust

I know as a small business I can't offer much but maybe with focussed efforts I can help stop these happy creatures from going extinct.

I am committed to donating 5% of profits from Lost Kiwi Designs and 100% of profits from my Mohua and Blue Duck brooch design.


Total Donated so far

$1297.25 AUD

Updated 30th April 2024