Glasshouse Interior Brooch - Lost Kiwi Designs

Romanticize your daily adventures with wearable art.

I believe that wearing art should be an everyday ritual. That's why I create unique and beautiful pieces that let you express yourself in your own creative way.

I'm Natalie and I love adventuring around the world. I draw my inspiration from real places I have been, so you won't find moon themed jewellery here... yet.

I want to see you take these little artworks out on aventures and may they inspire a plethora of cute outfits.

So what country do you feel like visiting today?

Let's go!

A place to find inspiration and embrace beauty in your everyday.

I am a Lost Kiwi, wandering through strange and amazing places. I have always loved to draw and sculpt, and hand-make all my pieces with a strong passion for my work. My dream is to live everyday with an adventurous spirit by exploring artistry.

I hope you can find joy in my shop, and my art ignites a flame that inspires your daily wear.

The Lost Kiwi