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Lost Kiwi Designs

Little Rascal Earrings

Little Rascal Earrings

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Get down from there!

Get ready to make a stylish statement with these amazing earrings that will surely appeal to your adventurous spirit. We have handcrafted these delightful earrings using a perfect combination of materials. And guess what? They are mounted on surgical steel, ensuring complete comfort while you rock them out and about!

What makes these earrings even more special is that they are a true work of wearable art. They will take you on bold new journeys, adding a touch of unconventional flair to your look. So, get ready to push boundaries and embrace your unique style with these beauties!

But wait, there's more! When you purchase these fabulous earrings, you're not only treating yourself, but you're also giving back. We are proud to announce that 10% of all profits go straight to the Mohua Charitable Trust, a fantastic organization that is making a real difference. Learn more about them here: MOHUA

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of these earrings and show off your adventurous side while contributing to a great cause. It's the perfect combination of style, comfort, and giving back!

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