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Are Lost Kiwi designs limited run?

As a very small business I currently have a "made to order" structure so that no-one misses out and I don't invest too much into an unpopular design.

I will occasionally make limited run pieces that can be as few as 20 made, but this is rare and the first people to know about it will be my email subscribers. 

Why do the designs vary slightly from piece to piece?

I handmake each piece, and as such each one is varied. There can be a different marbling pattern, or the resin looking a different colour or pattern. Even the acrylic colour from my providers can be slightly different hues.

Any additional painted detailing is also completed by hand. Because of the manual and human approach we take in production, pieces may have slight variations in component sizes, colouring, and even resin patterns. We like it this way and tend to think it makes our designs as unique from each other as the wonderful people that wear them.

Why do designs look different in real life as compared to photos Online?

Resin is notoriously difficult to photograph due to its reflective nature. We’re often told photos simply don’t do our designs any justice. Colours also display differently on different computer monitors. That said, we always do our best to photograph designs to show their colouring as accurately as possible.

Where are Lost Kiwi pieces made, and who designs them?

Right here in Brisbane, Australia. Natalie illustrates, designs and cuts the pieces. Chris then takes over the cleaning, painting and polishing. Natalie then finishes the pieces by assembling them before Chris packs the orders. It is a perfect partnership in our little two person studio.

Do all designs come in gift boxes?

My mission is to always design something worthy of a beautiful box. So every design on my shop comes in the drawer gift box.

How are Lost Kiwi prices determined?

I aim to keep my pieces as affordable as possible and try to offer a wide range of price points for each collection.

Pricing for our designs have always been determined by a formula based on our production costs, which is why over time, prices have naturally increased. So, what factors impact the cost of our designs? There are quite a few! Importantly (and interestingly!) the size of a design or amount of resin used has very little impact. The bulk of the cost is in the craft, the workmanship. That is the number of pieces and layers that need to be hand-assembled, as well as the amount of detail applied such as etching, paint-fill and printing techniques.

What are Lost Kiwi designs made from?

The main component is acrylic that comes in a huge range of beautiful colours and some wood. But what Lost Kiwi is known for is incorporating sculpted resin pieces into the designs. These designs come at a higher cost but have been sculpted by hand, then cast from resin in unique colours.

How do I take care of the pieces?

The easiest way to remember to clean a Lost Kiwi piece is to pretend you are cleaning your sunnies. If the microfiber cloth provided in the box doesn't get the mark off, spray a little water or light glass cleaner on the cloth to aid the cleaning.