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Lost Kiwi Designs

Blue Duck Brooch

Blue Duck Brooch

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Introducing the captivating Whio, also known as the Blue Duck, beautifully embodied in this exquisite brooch. Hold your breath as you delve into the mystical world of the alpine regions in New Zealand, where this endangered bird gracefully roams. A guardian of nature, my sister takes pride in safeguarding these extraordinary creatures.

100% of the profits from these studs go to the Mohua Charitable Trust. More about them here:


Prepare to be enchanted further, for each brooch is one-of-a-kind, a testament to its handmade origins. No two are identical, as they each bear the unmistakable touch of human hands.

An embodiment of passion and devotion, this brooch serves as a compelling reminder of the fragile beauty that surrounds us. By adorning yourself with this exquisite piece, you are not only embracing superb craftsmanship but also embodying the spirit of conservation. Join us in our quest to protect these incredible birds and preserve the pristine habitat they call home.


Dimensions 6x7cm and 1.5cm thick

How about making a statement with this fabulous brooch inspired by an adventurous spirit? It's an absolute delight, crafted with love using a combination of materials. And guess what? It's mounted on a surgical steel locking clasp for complete security when you're rocking it out and about.

This brooch is not your average piece of jewelry - it's a wearable art that will take you on bold new journeys and push boundaries with its unconventional flair. So get ready to embark on new adventures with this unique and eye-catching accessory!

Oh, and here's something really cool - 100% of all profits from this brooch go to the Mohua Charitable Trust, an amazing organization making a difference. If you're interested, you can find out more about them here:

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