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Lost Kiwi Designs

Ocean Window Brooch

Ocean Window Brooch

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A stingray just swam past your submarines window! Look out as the rays of light shine down on the calming reef.

Made with a mix of mirror, sparkle, foil and frosted acrylics. 
The brooch backing is a roller clasp in stainless steel.
Dimensions: 75mm x 65mm

How about making a statement with this fabulous brooch inspired by an adventurous spirit? It's an absolute delight, crafted with love using a combination of materials. And guess what? It's mounted on a surgical steel locking clasp for complete security when you're rocking it out and about.

This brooch is not your average piece of jewelry - it's a wearable art that will take you on bold new journeys and push boundaries with its unconventional flair. So get ready to embark on new adventures with this unique and eye-catching accessory!

Oh, and here's something really cool - 10% of all profits from this brooch go to the Mohua Charitable Trust, an amazing organization making a difference. If you're interested, you can find out more about them here: MOHUA

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